Thesen Island Home Owners Association

Other Outdoor Facilities

Bird reserve
Thesen Islanders can enjoy bird watching from a screened bird hide at a bird reserve on their own doorstep. The southern edge of the island with its stretches of reed beds is a popular breeding ground for numerous bird species, and the freshwater ponds on both sides of Parkway are teeming with water birds and waders.

The maze was constructed from excess poles recovered from the demobilisation of the old timber factory. The poles have been threaded with trees and creepers to provide a magical experience for children and adults alike.

Dog run
Every afternoon you’ll find a group of enthusiastic residents and their animated dogs congregated in the white picket-fenced, lawned dog run area. Here, even the largest pooch can comfortably stretch his legs off the leash in a safe environment.
Water points, dog dropping disposal bins and benches (for the owners) are provided.

The three community beaches of Thesen Islands are the Main Beach on Plantation Island, the Cove on Leeward Island and Heritage Bay on Avocet Island. These man-made beaches were constructed using transplanted river sand which had caused river mouth silting in nearby areas.
Motorised watercraft are restricted from the beach precincts. This allows children in particular to swim and paddle in safety. What better way to spend a few lazy summer hours with a good book, on a comfortable lounger under a large umbrella? If you’re feeling more active, enjoy a game of beach bats or beach volleyball. These are surprisingly large beaches so there’s plenty of room. For those who don’t want to get sand all over there is a large grassed embankment overlooking the Main Beach.
The Main Beach in particular is ideal for informal summer evening gatherings. A permanent barbecue unit on a brick plinth in the sand is just across the road from the clubhouse.

Thesen Island Home Owners Association Thesen Island Home Owners Association Thesen Island Home Owners Association