Where do I place the garden refuse?                                                                                                                                                          BACK  

You are allowed 1 bag of garden refuse placed with your household refuse per week for collection by the Municipality. The garden refuse must be placed in blue refuse bags, which must be purchased from the Municipality.

As the price charged for the bags reflects the costs incurred by the Municipality to process the refuse, they must not be purchased elsewhere. Go to the municipality's customer service centre on Main Street between Long Street and Gray Street.

Refuse is collected every Wednesday, except when it falls on a public holiday.

How do I register my house name?                                                                                                                                                            BACK

Submit your preferred house name to the Thesen Islands Homeowners Association who maintain a registry to avoid duplication.

House names and numbers should be chosen from one of the official pre-determined design formats. Examples of these can be obtained from the Thesen Island Home Owner's Association office.

Email details to tihoa@tihoa.co.za or fax to 044 382 6809

What postal service is available on the Islands?                                                                                                                                       BACK

We strongly recommend Thesen Islanders obtain a post box at Knysna post office or the local Postnet office as there is no postal delivery on the Islands. Gatehouse security personnel should not be relied upon to ensure that you get your mail.

How can I pay my levy electronically?                                                                                                                                                        BACK

If you have signed up with your bank for electronic banking you can pay your levy directly into the Thesen Islands Home Owner's Account. The Home Owner's Account also offers a debit order facility, making payment much easier.

We urge you to make use of this service so as to simplify your monthly payment and ensure that you are never in default. A discount is offered for payments annually in advance.

Please contact the office for assistance.

How do I arrange for my removal company's van to access the Islands?                                                                                             BACK

Owners who are relocating to Thesen Islands must please note that the large furniture pantechnicon rigs are not permitted to enter the Islands. Arrangements for a shuttle service are to be made in order to move from the staging area adjacent to the main gate area to your residence. Please co-ordinate this with your removal company.

Who can explain my Knysna Municipality (KM) rates account?                                                                                                               BACK

If you don't understand your account, visit the Municipal offices. Here is some helpful background:

The Knysna Municipal financial year is from 1 July to 30 June. When you take transfer of your property, you are charged pro-rata for the period from the date of registration of your property until 30th June.

Your account is made up of three items: water consumption; availability charges (sewerage, refuse); and rates on valuation (land plus improvements).

Availability charges

These charges are for the availability of refuse, sewerage and water, and are payable on all properties.

Rates on land and improvements

The projected tax rate for 2015/2016 is 0.0065816 cents in the Rand or .65816% of the municipal valuation.

How can my friends get onto the Islands while I'm not there?                                                                                                                BACK

Owners are required to inform the security of expected visitors. Homeowners'/residents' visitors must report to the main security gate and announce their arrival via the security gate to the owner.

Non-resident owners allowing other persons to reside in their homes should co-ordinate this with Thesen Islands Security 044 382 2469. Please note: Security does not accept responsibility for keys and the onus remains with the owner regarding the date of arrival and departure.

Owners are responsible for their visitors, who must comply with all Thesen Islands Rules and Regulations.

What's the weather like in Knysna?                                                                                                                                                            BACK

Knysna enjoys a temperate, Mediterranean Maritime climate. The average summer maximum temperature is about 22° and rarely goes above 30°. The average winter maximum temperature is about 19°.

The wettest time of the year is between October and December. Curiously, rain usually falls at night. There are 280 sunny days per year.

Knysna's best kept secret is the autumn months of March to May. The sun shines almost daily and light clothing is ideal. During this time there is a total absence of wind or coastal breezes and only the pleasant evenings require somewhat warmer clothing.

Do I need to register my boat and where do I obtain boat decals?                                                                                                         BACK

All boats must be registered with the HOA where you can also obtain an ID decal for your boat. This identifies your boat as belonging to a Thesen Islander and therefore permitted in the waterways or to be moored at a communal jetty.

Do I need a skipper's licence to navigate my boat on the lagoon?

It is a legal requirement to have a valid skipper's licence. You can contact Southern Cape Deep Sea Angling Association for full details at 044 690 4201.

Where can I store my boat/trailer?                                                                                                                                                             BACK

Within the Design Guidelines, you were specifically requested to indicate your boating/trailer requirements and should have made provision for this within the boundaries of your own property since no boats or trailers are allowed to be parked outside your erf boundaries.

Alternatively, you can make arrangements with Knysna Marine on 044 382 5332 or Waterfront Boat Care & Storage on 044 382 0940 for storage.

Why is the allowed boat speed so slow in the waterways?                                                                                                                     BACK

The waterways constitute a wake-free zone and boats must not exceed a walking-pace speed (idle speed), thereby ensuring that a minimum wake is caused. The waterway embankment or eco-belt is extremely important to the ecosystem of the Islands and water rushing up against it causes erosion of the soil in which salt marsh plants have been carefully established.

Large wakes or waves from boats will slowly wash the soil away and in time the plants will die. The marine life in the waterways, including the rare and endangered Knysna Seahorse, is extremely sensitive.

By keeping your boat speed below the maximum 8kph, you are making a positive contribution to maintaining the waterways in a pristine condition. They are a vital component of Thesen Islands and their well-being contributes greatly to the success of Thesen Islands and the value of your investment.

What type of motor should my boat have?                                                                                                                                                BACK

At present, there is no national legislation prohibiting the use of 2-stroke engines. We do however understand that this is being investigated and a strong possibility exists that only 4-stroke and electric motors will be allowed.

If you refer to our Rules & Regulations you will note under point 3.23 we encourage all owners to ensure that their boat engines comply with the 2006 EPA standards.

4-stroke technology is now largely recognised as the most effective way to reduce harmful engine exhaust emissions. By investing in this technology you will be taking personal responsibility to assist in the ecological preservation of the estuary in general and the Thesen Islands waterways in particular.