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The very fact of living on an island in itself affords a higher level of natural security than is usually possible. In addition, the safety and well-being of residents is a subject of continuous evaluation and refinement by the Thesen Islands Homeowners Association. Vehicular and most pedestrian traffic are routed through the main Gatehouse entrance which is manned around the clock. Pedestrian access from Harbour Town via the scenic walk bridges requires the use of a personal electronic tag. State-of-the-art remote-controlled cameras are strategically mounted at appropriate locations and linked to the Gatehouse control room. All watercraft using the waterways require an ID sticker and the waterway entrances are monitored by CCTV.

Foot and vehicle patrols are scheduled day and night. A motor boat has also recently been acquired by the Homeowners Association which will further enhance the surveillance capability. Residences are linked to the Gatehouse Control Room via an intercom system which also allows residents to communicate with each other.

The master planning elements of the built environment contribute to safety and security. The picket fence height restriction on the sidewalks not only facilitates social interaction but also promotes an "eyes on the street" approach to community policing. As a result of neighbours knowing and caring for one another, there evolves an inherent sense of security.

One of Thesen Islands’ features is its pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment where residents, and in particular children, are able to walk, pedal or skateboard around without danger. Traffic circles oblige motorists to keep to the 30 kph speed limit and the tall plantings in the swales between the street and the sidewalks create a visual and psychological safety barrier for pedestrians. The picturesque arched bridges not only allow watercraft to pass unimpeded below but also serve to further reduce road speeds.

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