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Parklands on Thesen Island


21% of the total land area of the Thesen Islands marina consists of parkland. This includes marine and marsh bird reserves, a heron breeding ground and a number of man-made, fresh-water ponds. The parklands area is easily accessed via walking or biking paths. Another large area is devoted to the communal vegetable and herb gardens, the orchard and a village maze.

The natural planting of trees, shrubs and grasses provide food, nesting and shelter and attracts bird life to Thesen Islands. A bird hide overlooks the fresh water wetlands which have become a breeding ground for Grey Heron – and species such as Dikkop, Stilt, Egyptian Geese and Blacksmith Plover – to name but a few, can be spotted daily.

To access Thesen Islands’ nature lists, click on the relevant button:

Parklands on Thesen Island    Parklands on Thesen Island    Parklands on Thesen Island

Much of the perimeter of Thesen Islands is walkable – either via the eco-path on the old sea wall or on purpose-built elevated boardwalks.

The Thesen Islands nursery complex – situated behind the tennis courts – is responsible for the plant life of the marina. The nursery is managed under contract by a resident Landscape and Maintenance contractor. Mostly indigenous trees, bushes, flowers and succulents are bred here. Different species are raised for different seasons and specific places, for display, decoration or in safety barriers and berms.

During a recent survey there were 1,542 counted throughout the Islands, with a number of 44 different species. A total of 88 different shrubs and bushes occur on the estate as well as 25 different groundcovers. The dominant four tree species make up 52% of all the trees on Thesen Islands:
  • White Stinkwood = 254 (16%)
  • Wild Plum = 213 (14%)
  • Coral tree = 175 (11%)
  • Waterberry = 165 (11%)

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