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The whole design and layout of Thesen Islands has been developed to provide its residents with a unique lifestyle. Modern city life often makes it impossible for children to use their bikes in their neighbourhood. Not so on Thesen Islands. Here, children pedal or skateboard to their friends’ homes, even at night, in complete security. Islanders stroll and walk their dogs, or float by on their kayaks or motor boats. Wide footpaths have been built along all the streets to accommodate walkers, joggers and cyclists, while cars have to adhere to a 30 kph speed limit.

Lifestyle on Thesen Island    Lifestyle on Thesen Island    Lifestyle on Thesen Island

Community life on Thesen Islands takes many different forms – inviting your neighbours for a leisurely boat trip through the canals, having a drink at the club house, sharing gardening tips at the communal vegetable garden, or having a chat with fellow dog owners at the dog run area. The shopping precinct of Thesen Harbour Town is a popular meeting place for relaxed shopping or enjoying a meal in any of the several restaurants.

Thesen Islanders don't necessarily dress better than everyone else. But they do enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle. “Live, eat, work, play, stay” was the Thesen Islands catchphrase at the start of its development – and it has certainly lived up to its promise.

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