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Boating at Thesen Islands


As befits a marina, boating is an integral pastime on Thesen Islands. Most homes have private waterfront jetties, and those that don't, have access to and ownership of one of the many communal moorings located on most Islands. Harbour Town has moorings outside the waterfront restaurants and alongside shops and public facilities. Slipways are provided at several spots throughout the Islands. All Thesen Islands craft are required to display an identity sticker (decal) with the Thesen Islands logo for safety and security purposes.

Boating at Thesen Islands    Boating at Thesen Islands    Boating at Thesen Islands

A "dead slow, no wake" boat speed policy is strictly enforced on the waterways. This is not only for safety reasons, but also to protect the sensitive and in some instances endangered marine organisms which have attached themselves to the gabions and jetties. A Skipper’s licence is required to pilot motorised craft on the waterways or the estuary. The use of 4-stroke outboard motors is strongly recommended to minimise noise and pollution.

The calm waterways are particularly suited to the use of kayaks and canoes. The annual canoe race through part of the Islands’ waterways during the Knysna Oyster Festival is a popular event for both rowers and spectators alike.

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